Culinary Traditions of Poland

The main differences in Polish food are speciific for various types of dishes. National cooks have a special ability to prepare a tasty dish using a minimum of additional seasonings. Poles are a hospitable people and this quality is a definite confirmation of Slavic roots.

Traditional courses

The table feast of the Polish nation has certain traditions. A prime dish is soup called borsch. The list of traditional main courses:

Baranina – Roasted lamb.

Gołąbki – Cabbage served with spiced meat and rice or with mushrooms

Gulasz – Stew of meat, noodles and potato, served with paprika and…

Bulgaria Travel: Best Suggestions

Eastern Europe has numerous destinations for various travelers from all over the world. One of the most exciting countries is definitely Bulgaria.

Why should you visit Bulgaria? Located in the southeast part of the Balkans, Bulgaria has unusual and very specific scenery with tiny authentic villages, ancient monasteries, and medieval cities. Bulgaria is a place where you can enjoy stunning UNESCO sites and explore local traditions and culture.

In the northern part of the country is the Danube Plain. The terrain is full of contrasts from high mountains to lowland plains. Here the legendary Danube River traces the border…

10 Budapest Pictures that will make you Want to Pack your Bags

The Budapest Parliament

10 Budapest Pictures that will make you Want to Pack your Bags. Budapest parliament at dramatic sunrise

The Budapest Parliament is located on the Pest side of the River Danube, but it seems even more beautiful when observed from one of the many hills of Buda. For example, you can take a wonderful photo from the amazing Castle Hill where the old Royal Palace is situated. From that vantage point you can enjoy a wonderful bird’s eye view of parliament, Margaret Island, and the entire river bank of Pest.

Buda Castle and Chain Bridge

10 Budapest Pictures that will make you Want to Pack your...
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Best Books for Long Term Travel

Reasons for reading a book can be different: a long flight or train ride, an overnight stay at the airport, or nasty weather. A good book can not only help you to pass the time, but can also immerse you into another world!

Peter Mail, “A year in Provence.”

Peter Mail and his wife did what most of us only dream of: they bought an old farmhouse in Provence and started a new life there.

The first year of their life in the new place was full of unexpected discoveries and hilarious adventures. They try to learn the local language, go to…

Travel with Kids: Top essentials

If you are going to travel with your children, you should be ready to face difficulties. There are quite a few, but when you are prepared, it is easier to overcome them.

“Pack many more things than you do for a solo trip”

First of all, when you travel with kids you need to pack many more things than you do for a solo trip. To save you from digging through your entire luggage searching for some trinket, you should sort things into three categories and associated bags.

Let’s start from the most important one. Take everything you will need while in transit and put it all in one small lightweight backpack that you’ll keep close…

Prague: The Heart Of Europe

I’m not really a city person; probably something you quickly realised from the countless island guides and turtle photographs scattered across my social media and website. Nevertheless, this is one I loved, and one I wish I’d known way more about before I visited. To help you avoid making the same misinformed mistake, here are some of Prague’s best locations, attractions and photographic opportunities to hit while you’re in town.

Prague Destination Guide


The highlight of the city and definitely the first place you should visit to get an idea of the vibe of Prague. Thousands of tourists, entertainers, painters, musicians and tour groups walk the Charles Bridge every day…

Special Travelling Notes on Israel


Men and women are not allowed to pray together. Men should approach on the left, women on the right.

A major part of worshipping in the Jewish faith includes ritual cleansing. Around the plaza, you will see fountains for hand washing before heading to pray.

For women, knees, chest and shoulders must be covered.  If you forget to bring a covering, guards will provide you with a piece of fabric for that purpose. Men should wear trousers and shoulders should be covered.  Men must also cover their heads with a simple hat without decoration or a cap. Should you not have a hat with you, communal paper kippahs are available.

Top Reasons to Travel to Israel with Kids

Planning a holiday is not as easy as it seems. And if you are thinking of traveling with your kids, you should be prepared for even more complicated choices. Traveling with children means you should not only find the right rooms in the hotel (which can be tough, especially during the busy season), but also deal with a lot of other issues: finding a direct flight (so you don’t have to run through the airport to change planes with your children), looking for kid-friendly hotels and activities for your kids at your destination.

Here are some reasons why Israel is a great place to travel with children:

Captivating attractions

Top Reasons to Travel to Israel...
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Why Tel Aviv is a Great Place for Vegans

Cosmopolitan, multinational and very hospitable – Tel Aviv is a wonderful place to visit. It welcomes different tourists from all over the world. The travel industry is highly developed in Israel, so every traveler can find here what he or she is searching for.
If you are vegan, you probably know how hard it can be to find good vegetarian food while visiting some destinations. But Tel Aviv is a perfect place for vegans, as it has multiple choices for those who can’t live without vegan food.

Why Tel Aviv is a Great Place for Vegans

Some of the best vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv:

Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting cities for…

Galilee – A Wonderful Place to Visit in Israel

Galilee is one of the most beautiful regions of Israel.

It is a mountainous area in the country’s north which is separated into two main parts – Upper and Lower Galilee.
It is characterized by beautiful natural sites, majestic historic and cultural attractions, well developed agriculture, and ancient villages.

Geographically, Galilee is washed by the Mediterranean Sea from the west, and is bordered by the Jezreel Valley on the south and the Jordan Valley to the east.

Aerial view of Capernaum, Town of Jesus, Galilee, Israel

An ideal place for nature lovers and hikers, Galilee has amazing views, numerous bright verdant valleys and hills, beautiful wide landscapes, historic sites and quaint small towns with that very special…