Prague: The Heart Of Europe

I’m not really a city person; probably something you quickly realised from the countless island guides and turtle photographs scattered across my social media and website. Nevertheless, this is one I loved, and one I wish I’d known way more about before I visited. To help you avoid making the same misinformed mistake, here are some of Prague’s best locations, attractions and photographic opportunities to hit while you’re in town.

Prague Destination Guide


The highlight of the city and definitely the first place you should visit to get an idea of the vibe of Prague. Thousands of tourists, entertainers, painters, musicians and tour groups walk the Charles Bridge every day making it one of the liveliest bridges I have ever crossed. What’s more, it’s completely blocked off from traffic so you can get your Prague selfie with no worry of passing cars; just thousands of staring strangers.

Prague Destination Guide


Offering breathtaking views as well as a look into the rich history of the city, Prague Castle is probably the other must-visit sight in Prague in addition to Charles Bridge. The walk up the hill and the steps is quite an effort but it’s worth it for the stunning reward waiting at the top. I suggest stopping half way up for a beer to keep you going… it’s cheaper than chips here, really.

Prague Destination Guide


Once you find it, the Lennon Wall may instantly become your fave little place to chill out and snap the perfect profile pic. But believe me, finding it is not exactly easy so make sure you are confident where you are going and how to get there before you set off, or else this little secret of Prague may remain just that.

Prague Destination Guide


A park just North of the main part of Prague provides a great location for a serene walk with views down the Vltava and over the rooftops of the city. We walked through the park on our way to Prague Castle but it turned out to be so much more than just a way to get from here to there. Letenské sady is one of the few places I would make sure I would return to should I go back to Prague. Given my love for the city, it shouldn’t be long.

Prague Destination Guide


The coolest part of the city, the old town of Prague is definitely the place to be. Historic buildings, cobbled streets with little cafes dotted around every corner and of course, the main square that attracts millions of tourists to its Town Hall and clock tower puppet show. Personally, I recommend you turn around to watch the crowd instead of the puppets, much more entertaining. Oh, and definitely buy a Trdelnik (a steaming cinnamon donut twirl sent by the Gods) if you get the chance!

Prague Destination Guide


A walk along the banks of the Vltava is more than enough to satisfy a whole morning of your stay, and maybe even one of the best mornings for that matter. The beautiful scenery and charming tree-lined walk will take you past many of Prague’s major attractions, including the Charles and surrounding bridges. For an afternoon drink, sunset photo spot or twilight dinner, it doesn’t come much better than being on the banks of the Vltava.

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