Slovenia Vacation: Best Places to Visit

Slovenia is a country in Eastern Europe, one of the most politically stable and safe in Europe. It has great infrastructure and a friendly, well-educated populace. It is located between the Balkans and Western Europe, and it is famous for its beautiful landscapes and high mountains.

You can explore Slovenia by trails and hiking

One can explore Slovenia by hiking through the beautiful, breathtaking countryside. This activity is extremely popular as there is a great choice of trails to hike, numerous valleys and amazing alpine peaks. Slovenia has more than 20,000 kilometers of marked trails that give hikers the opportunity to explore the amazing nature and hidden gems of Slovenia and which you can experience during the entire year.

Slovenia Vacation: Best Places to Visit

Church of the Assumption on the island in Lake Bled, Slovenia. Photo:

Yuo never forget the unforgettable beauty of Ljubljana

If this is your first time in Slovenia, enjoy the unforgettable beauty of its capital city, Ljubljana. If you feel like continuing to see the country’s sites and architectural beauty, make a visit to Bled, a city where you can enjoy its famous lake and a castle. You could also enjoy the view of the island in Bled’s lake using a boat, or you might want to wander around the lake and have a picnic while taking in the stunning panorama.

We would also suggest a visit to Postojna to explore marvelous caves and the beautiful rock-cliff castle at Predjama. You can also proceed northward to Volcji Potok arboretum. The garden there is full of amazing flowers, verdant trees, and some animals.

Slovenia Vacation: Best Places to Visit

Cityscape of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Photo:

We would also recommend that you discover the beauty of Škocjan Caves – which are easily accessible through a trail that is as famous as the Silent Cave itself. Afterwards, you could hike along the ridge above the Reka River canyon.

You should not miss a visit to one of the most exciting places in Slovenia, Triglav National Park. It is the only national park in Slovenia, so you should include it on your sightseeing list if you like hiking, mountains, and nature. The park has waterfalls and lakes as well as an extreme backpacking trail.

The Kolpa River is located in southeast Slovenia and is famous for its sparkling clear water. In the summer, one can swim and go for raft rides through the rapids. Kranjska Gora is an absolutely fascinating alpine resort. We suggest a skiing experience there.

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