Galilee – A Wonderful Place to Visit in Israel

Galilee is one of the most beautiful regions of Israel.

It is a mountainous area in the country’s north which is separated into two main parts – Upper and Lower Galilee.
It is characterized by beautiful natural sites, majestic historic and cultural attractions, well developed agriculture, and ancient villages.

Geographically, Galilee is washed by the Mediterranean Sea from the west, and is bordered by the Jezreel Valley on the south and the Jordan Valley to the east.

Aerial view of Capernaum, Town of Jesus, Galilee, Israel

An ideal place for nature lovers and hikers, Galilee has amazing views, numerous bright verdant valleys and hills, beautiful wide landscapes, historic sites and quaint small towns with that very special Israeli ambiance.

The region is hugely popular with tourists from all over the world for its secluded white-sand beaches with crystal turquoise waters and surrounding unspoiled nature. We suggest lying on the sands of Rosh Hanikra, a magnificent geological formation with white rocky cliffs and tunnels carved out by the action of the sea.

old house in Safed, Galilee. Israel

For fashionistas and urban art tourists, Galilee offers a range of modern boutiques and galleries: visit Rosh Pina and Safed in the eastern region – which is especially famous for rich history, big fashion malls (true paradises for fashionistas!) and a particular Israeli creativity.
For lovers of visual art and beauty, the city features romantic promenades with original sculptures and pictures depicting people and life in Rosh Pina from the late 1800s to early 1900s.

quarter of artists, old city Safed, Upper Galilee, Israel

Galilee is an interesting place for a range of travelers from independent explorers and romantic couples to big tourist groups and families with kids – who can all enjoy its diverse entertainment centers. You can find a list of various places for kids in Israel here.

Of course, Galilee also has plenty to offer foodies and those who want to try some traditional Israeli dishes. Among the most famous restaurants are Ein Camonim, Auberge Shulamit, Muscat Restaurant, Gaucho Restaurant, and Dag Al Ha’dan Restaurant.
Naturally, this is not the entire list of the most popular eateries in Galilee; there are plenty of little bistros and different franchises, as well as street food.