Top Reasons to Travel to Israel with Kids

Planning a holiday is not as easy as it seems. And if you are thinking of traveling with your kids, you should be prepared for even more complicated choices. Traveling with children means you should not only find the right rooms in the hotel (which can be tough, especially during the busy season), but also deal with a lot of other issues: finding a direct flight (so you don’t have to run through the airport to change planes with your children), looking for kid-friendly hotels and activities for your kids at your destination.

Here are some reasons why Israel is a great place to travel with children:

Captivating attractions

Top Reasons to Travel to Israel with Kids

The old streets of Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Your kids will be definitely interested in the great variety of historical attractions. When you come to Israel, it feels like you are traveling to the past, many centuries ago. This is especially true in Jerusalem, where the whole family can experience true historic biblical events before their eyes.

Kid-friendly hotels

Top Reasons to Travel to Israel with Kids
A lot of hotels in Israel offer playrooms. Also, if you didn’t find a children’s playground on the hotel property, you can surely find one in the city, as the government has prioritized building developments including kids’ centers and open-air playgrounds. It is very important to choose a hotel located near the main attractions area so that your children don’t get tired getting to them.

Kid-friendly society and atmosphere

Top Reasons to Travel to Israel with Kids
Your children will receive a warm welcome all throughout Israel. In fact, there are over 2 million children in Israel, which makes up 30% of the country’s population. The average number of children in an Israeli family is three. The majority of locals are used to going out with their kids. You can even see families with two-week-old infants dining in restaurants or staying in hotels.

Amazing Israeli festivities

Top Reasons to Travel to Israel with Kids
Festivities in Israel are some of the most exciting and entertaining things to see in the country. They will be interesting for the whole family, with bright colors and a lot of activities that will surely be fun for your kids. Among the most popular festivals are: Light Festival in the Old City and the Hebrew Book Festival, The Israel Museum Kite Festival, Children’s Film Festival, Chutzot Hayotzer Art Festival, International Puppet Festival and the Jerusalem Theater End of Summer Festival, which lasts throughout the month of August. All these festivals are mostly held in the spring and summer mounts, so plan your trip around these periods to fully enjoy your stay.

Children’s parks

Top Reasons to Travel to Israel with Kids

Park Yarkon at Tel Aviv,Hadera.

Parks are a perfect location for those who are tired of busy urban vibes and want to relax in a cozy quiet place. Israel is a perfect country to enjoy pleasant strolls in the shadows of trees and quiet verdant alleys. You will surely have time to relax and your kids will have a lot of space for fun! You can choose locations for family picnics, or visit the areas with children’s playgrounds. Some parks are equipped with basketball courts, tennis courts, a bike path or a skateboarding area.