Mitzpe Ramon: One of the World’s Best Places to Stargaze

There’s no better place than the Ramon Crater to experience the most memorable stargazing. This breathtaking, long-exposure, night sky photo gives but a glimpse of the enchanting nighttime views in the Negev desert!

The open and deserted location of Israel’s Ramon Nature Reserve is a perfect spot for asterism observation. Also, everything is ideal here for star gazing: from the mild climate and dry unclouded weather mixed with low light pollution to perfect skies almost year round; it means visitors to the park can easily observe the complex details of the twinkling night sky.

The best times for star spotting here are during nights when the moon is conspicuously absent. A group called Astronomy Israel offers tours that not only school participants on the objects visible in the celestial sphere, but also expound upon the lore associated with stars and the role the night sky plays in local culture and communities.

The Negev Desert

Mitzpe Ramon

This is part of the Old World desert belt located in the Saharo-Arabian region, which stretches from the Sahara over the great Arabian Desert to the desert of Sind in India.

This desert occupies 60% of all the territory of Israel. It is the majestic edge full of miracles and amazing contrasts – from burning sands to fertile lands where antiquity and the present are combined.

Since ancient times this desert was plowed by camel caravans carrying aromatics east to ancient Rome. And the forefather Abraham placed tents here to found the future city of Beersheba.

Mitzpe Ramon

The recommended time to visit: all year, except during the hottest spells of summer and rainy days in the winter.

Aufgang Travel recommends that you take a night tour, as the day desert differs very much from the night. At night when bright stars are shining and the moon can be seen in all its beauty, the desert turns into a dark and mysterious place. Different animals come out from their shelters, and the desert landscape reveals a completely different view. Don’t miss the opportunity to observe such a miracle. It is so romantic!

Negev is a world of serenity and rest which endures surprising changes today. And you can become a witness.