Yerevan city, Armenia

Yerevan is the capital of the Republic of Armenia and one of the three hubs of the South Caucasus. It is also the largest city of Armenia. Yerevan is located along the Hrazdan River, the main and the second largest river in Armenia.

You can enjoy a lot of monuments of  Soviet architecture in the very center of the capital. There are a lot of important sights of different eras. The most of them you can find in the city center along with all the tourist attractions. The other parts of the city are quiet and are not tourist-oriented. Furthermore, numerous restaurants and cafes are located in the city center.  Erevan is also the heart of trade and education in Armenia. Also, industries in the city produce metals, machine tools, electrical equipment, chemicals, textiles, and food products.The official airport in Erevan is Zvartnits Internation Airport.

Yerevan city, Armenia

The most attractive sites to visit in Armenia are the Republic Square, the most representative area of all the city, Amiryan and Abovyan – the most famous streets in Yerevan, amazing Freedom Square, formerly known as Theatre Square, and beautiful Kaskade, that shows you the great panorama of the city.

In addition, there are more than 20 museums in Yerevan, the memorial complex to the victims of genocide of 1915 and numerous churches.

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