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Why to Use Travel Agency Services When Traveling to Russia

Russia is a beautiful, unique, and enormous country. It is difficult to choose from the wide selection of diverse Russian itineraries.

The astounding vastness of the country, its exceptional culture, history and originality provide lots of opportunities for travelers to explore a variety of destinations and attractions.

Have you ever thought about visiting the cultural capital St Petersburg, or lively and luminous Moscow? Or maybe you have always dreamed of exploring Lake Baikal and its picturesque nature?

Why to Use Travel Agency Services When Traveling to Russia. Mosque "Kul Sharif" at night in Kazan Kremlin, Tatarstan, Russia
Mosque “Kul Sharif” at night in Kazan Kremlin, Tatarstan, Russia. Photo:

Have you ever thought about the amazing region around Kazan, the so-called “third Russian capital” and the city where the 2013 Summer Universiade was held? Or have you wanted to visit Sochi where the 2014 Olympic Games took place?

All of these are good ideas for your next holiday.

Russia is a country where you will meet friendly people and explore beautiful nature.

But it is also a land of contrasts – from the boundless Steppes of western Russia, you move slowly to the extreme continental area of Siberia with humming Taiga forests, world famous Lake Baikal and completely different landscapes; the eastern part of Russia will amaze you with Far Eastern charm and cities that are recognized as advanced special economic zones.

Why to Use Travel Agency Services When Traveling to Russia. Bay at Baikal Lake in summer. Russia.
Bay at Baikal Lake in summer. Russia. Photo:

Will you be able to explore any of these destinations by yourself? Yes.

Will your trip be easy to arrange by yourself? No.

Remember: Russia is extraordinary. It doesn’t compare with any other destination you have ever considered visiting.

You should carefully prepare for your trip to this country and attentively research information about Russian mentality, customs, and traditions – as well as hidden treasures along your planned itinerary.

You also need to learn about administrative procedures regarding visas, migration, tourist registration, and lots of other issues.  

Why to Use Travel Agency Services When Traveling to Russia. Travel Advisor

Those who have explored Russia on their own can give you plenty of useful tips and share important information. But, it is almost always more practical to use the services of a Travel Agent for such a trip.

Why to Use Travel Agency Services When Traveling to Russia. Young woman discussing future trip with travel agent in office

1 – A Travel Agent will be in contact with you the whole time you are traveling. That means you will never feel abandoned or hopeless if you have problems with flights, hotels, or other services.

2 – A Travel Advisor knows everything about the areas you plan to tour. Whether it is a small town or big city, your Travel Agent will explain information about the destination, give you recent updates about hotel services and possible activities, and suggest the best places for sampling local cuisine.

3 – Your Travel Advisor will ask you about every stage of your trip, listen to your opinions and reactions, and check that everything is going all right. You can always count on his support and suggestions. Isn’t that great?!

4 – The whole trip will already be arranged for you and you will not have to worry about searching for the right hotels, booking flights, and organizing tours. An agent will save you much time and energy!