Why it is an Amazing Idea to Visit Moscow this Winter

 Moscow is absolutely fantastic in winter: the snow-covered parks, squares and churches look stunning. If you want to see some visual wonders of Russia’s winter with your own eyes, you should think about booking a trip to the Russian capital before spring. Moreover, your visit to Moscow in wintertime will have plenty of advantages. Here are ten of them:

Enjoy the skating
Why it is an Amazing Idea to Visit Moscow this Winter
Moscow, skating-rink on Red square. Phorto: depositpotos.com

Even if you are not fond of skating – Moscow is the perfect city to start loving this activity! You will never find more Russian places to skate than the ice-rings on Red Square, at Gorky Park and VDNKH; they will inspire you to give it a try. An absolutely fantastic experience for everyone.

Low season

Don’t forget that winter is the low season, so prices are not so high. Places to visit, activities, and programs are the same and sometimes are even more interesting due to the Russian national winter activities that you can experience in this city. Moreover, there are wonderful YYZ tour programs to showcase the majesty, beauty and culture of Moscow and St. Petersburg during the winter period from November to March. Programs offer special prices during the winter months.

Amazing views

While in other seasons Moscow looks very historical, busy, special and majestic – in winter it becomes a true fantasy land out of Russian folklore. Just imagine snow-covered gold church domes, snow-streets shining under the sun, and unbelievable play of lights after sunset. All the main capital attractions, such as Kremlin, Red Square, Sparrow Hills, Novodevichy Convent, Arbat Street, Bolshoy Theatre, parks & monuments look absolutely fabulous in wintertime. Take your own pictures, enjoy the views, and experience this special atmosphere!

Why it is an Amazing Idea to Visit Moscow this Winter
View of the Moscow (Russia) center. Phorto: depositpotos.com
Ski in “Sokolniki”

You can try skiing in many other places in Moscow, but this one is considered to be the best by locals. “Sokolniki” park, offers its guests 12 trails with a total length of 41 km. One more detail: as the winter sunset in Moscow happens around 5 p.m, there are more than 12 km that are lighted until 21:00 by several floodlights and lampposts.

Russian Banya (sauna)

If you are looking for a way to relax and de-stress this winter might be the right solution. Enjoy a day in a warm Russian banya (sauna) to refresh the senses and relax. Or visit the Ice- Bar «Kaufman» in central Moscow – a place where all details from walls to glasses are «ice made». The menu contains vodka & Russian delicacies.

Why it is an Amazing Idea to Visit Moscow this Winter

Visit seasonal performances and exhibitions

Winter cold is one of the reasons for a really full & interesting cultural program in Moscow theatres & museums. Just open the city-events-calendar and select the event you like the most – Moscow has it all for diverse interests, ages & tastes! Visit Pushkin Fine Arts Museum & then to “Garage” Cultural Center to enjoy a contemporary art projects “. Moreover, you should definitely visit the Bolshoy Theater.

Have an unforgettable cruise on an icebreaker

A beautiful cruise along Moscow River is a must, especially in winter! It may be even more romantic snow covered. Radisson Royal ships break the ice all winter long: during the night or during the day – including a drink & a meal, or without – this experience will be absolutely fantastic!

Why it is an Amazing Idea to Visit Moscow this Winter
New Year and Christmas parade in Moscow Gorky park. Phorto: depositpotos.com
Celebrate the winter holidays

You cannot miss the Christmas & New Year events taking place in the Russian capital! Moscow is a fantastic place to celebrate winter holidays! If you celebrate Catholic Christmas – join Mass in a beautiful Catholic Cathedral downtown, and then walk around the beautifully decorated streets, finishing the magical night with a Christmas dinner at Cafe Pushkin! (as locals say, “Moscow never sleeps” – there are many places open at night on Catholic Christmas).

If you have already tried all these unforgettable experiences, and this is not enough! Enjoy a train-tour to Baikal Lake (the biggest and oldest lake in the world). On your road you will be amazed with the unbelievable beauty and immensity of the Russian taiga, amazing winter landscapes and unusual views.  Baikal tours often include ice diving, fishing, ice safari, wooden chalet, Dog Sledding, etc.

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