New Year in Russia

Top Reasons to Celebrate the New Year in Russia

Why is it worth to welcome the New Year? The very first reason is to stand out among your friends. Surely none of them will celebrate the new year in Russia.

Just imagine, in their eyes, you will become almost a hero. You met the new year in this wild and cold country and even returned alive.

Festive illuminations in the streets of the city

Joking apart, there are many good reasons to celebrate the New Year in Russia.

  1. New Year is the main holiday in the country and the favorite holiday of every Russian. Believe us, they will do everything possible for you to love this holiday too. All big and small cities are decorated with Christmas trees and garlands for this holiday, and everywhere you can see Ded Morozs (the Santa Claus equivalent).
Also, Russia moved from the Gregorian to the Julian calendar, so they have two new years – the new one (January 1) and the old one (January 14). Lucky cheaters!
  1. You will be able to visit the real house of Santa Claus. In the city of Veliky Ustyug, there is his real residence, and this city will definitely delight you. There are a lot of snow there, covering old wooden houses as from a fairytale. You will definitely have something to tell your friends.
  2. Celebrate Christmas in January. Orthodox Christmas is celebrated in January, for the same reason – the transition to the Julian calendar.
  3. Feel the real cold. The winter can be cold in many places on the planet. But nothing goes to any comparison with a winter in Russia. You will never feel that cold in your life!
  4. Watch the tradition of Ded Moroz inviting. This is what the Scot journalist writes about this.
“In the evening of December 31, a not quite sober man, working as Ded Moroz, knocked at our door. I really enjoyed his performance. In Scotland, I also dressed Santa to amuse kids, but it all ended up with banal greetings and gifts. In Russia, this is a real mini-play!”
  1. Try Russian cuisine. On New Year’s Eve, Russians always prepare salads. It is a variety of boiled vegetables and meat, flavored with mayonnaise. This sauce is loved by all the Russians. Sometimes it seems that everything is flavored with mayonnaise in Russia, even desserts!
  2. Feel a real traditional holiday. If you celebrate the New Year with your Russian friends, almost all of them will have a similar scenario: first, everybody will watch New Year’s greetings from president Putin on TV, then all will drink champagne for the chiming clock, and then people will go out to fire salutes. Even in the cold and frosty weather, few Russians stay at home: people go out on the street, ride a sled, play snowballs. Some people even bathe in the ice hole. This is a really terrific sight.
  3. Also, New Year’s holidays last for 10 days! For example, in the UK the New Year is not even a day off. A completely fabulous atmosphere is created, and everybody wants to believe in miracles, just like in one’s childhood.

In general, we can say for sure: if you did not celebrate the New Year in the Russian style, then you did not celebrate it at all!