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Man and woman in Russian national clothes

Russian Traditional Clothes

Russia has always been a melting pot of diverse nationalities – 150 million people living on the same territory, with no more than half of them ethnic Russians. Traditional Russian costumes are as bright and colorful as the many ethnic groups resident in the country. The variety of vivid colors of the folk clothing exhibits … Continue reading Russian Traditional Clothes

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Russia,Moscow

Why to Use Travel Agency Services When Traveling to Russia

Russia is a beautiful, unique, and enormous country. It is difficult to choose from the wide selection of diverse Russian itineraries. The astounding vastness of the country, its exceptional culture, history and originality provide lots of opportunities for travelers to explore a variety of destinations and attractions. Have you ever thought about visiting the cultural … Continue reading Why to Use Travel Agency Services When Traveling to Russia

Best Ways to Explore Russia

Traveling in Russia offers a perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful nature, wonderful traditions, and marvelous cultural heritage of the world’s largest country. There a lot of different ways to discover Russia You can traverse the 9,288 kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Railway – riding by beautiful Taiga forests and seemingly boundless … Continue reading Best Ways to Explore Russia