Kosice, Slovakia

Kosice city is located 400km (248 miles) east of Bratislava.

The names of the High and Low Tatras, Smokovets and, of course, Bratislava are familiar to tourists who are planning to visit Slovakia. But these sites are not the only ones that deserve the close attention of travelers. There is the beautiful small city of Kosice 440 kilometers from the capital of Slovakia. This large industrial center of the country has a perfectly preserved historical section, which was first mentioned in chronicles of the 13th century. The unique combination of ancient and modern urbanistic architecture along with the gorgeous natural landscape of the Black mountains and the river Gornad make the city well worth visiting.

Kosice, Slovakia
Beautiful view of Hlavna street in Kosice, Slovakia. Photo: deposirphotos.com

Kosice is Slovakia’s second largest city after Bratislava. It went through an early fledging period when it was a smoggy, provincial backwater, but within a decade transformed into one of the country’s most attractive urban destinations. It’s impossible not to notice the achievements of Slovak president, and former Kosice mayor, Rudolf Schuster, who heartily promoted development of the city, including the immeasurable renovation of the main drag, Hlavná ulica.

Kosice, Slovakia
Kosice – Slovakia

For centuries, Kosice was a significant market town on the main east-west and north-south trade routes. In the 16th and 17th centuries, it was a bastion for Hungarian nobility in their struggle against the Ottoman Turks occupying the Hungarian mainland. In recent years, the city has gone back and forth between Hungarian, Czechoslovak, and now Slovak sovereignty. The city still has a sizable Hungarian minority, and if you listen carefully, you will hear Hungarian being spoken on the streets.

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