How to Celebrate White Nights in St. Petersburg

White Nights Festival

How to Celebrate White Nights in St. Petersburg

White night celebrations wouldn’t be so tremendous without the official festival that takes place in St Petersburg every year. The White Nights Festival runs from May through July, or the beginning of August. During that time tourist and visitors to the city can enjoy a number of night-time cultural events, including:

* Music festival – “Stars of the White Nights”

* Scarlet Sails celebration, also called the “Alye Parusa” festivities, in St. Petersburg, The event is famous for spectacular fireworks, a wonderful show, and end-of-school year celebrations;

* Star performances at the Palace Square, including international singers and music bands.

White Nights Marathon

How to Celebrate White Nights in St. Petersburg

On July 09, 2017, the 28th International Marathon will take place in St. Petersburg. Thousands of marathoners from around the world will gather on Palace Square to conquer a distance of 42 km, 195 meters – running though the central streets and embankments of our city. Amateur enthusiasts will have a chance to try themselves in a mass run of 10 km. The annual event is held to celebrate the famed period of “White Nights.” Among the participants will be runners from Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada, the USA, Greece, Brazil, Japan, Morocco, Kenya and dozens of other countries.

The route of the marathon crosses the historic center of St. Petersburg, among world famous monuments and storied architecture, and along the picturesque embankments of Neva, Fontanka, Krestovsky island, and Nevsky Avenue.

Annual International Jazz Festival

How to Celebrate White Nights in St. Petersburg

The Jazz Festival is a favorite happening for many visitors as well as residents of the city. Every year this sensational, unforgettable event takes place in the midst of the White Nights. The Jazz Philharmonic Hall will host numerous international artists from the 15th of June thru the 1st of July. If you want to experience wide variety – this is the perfect way to diversify your party schedule.  We suggest that you visit St Petersburg during the White Nights, and you’ll see the city at its joyful best.