Golden Ring. Part 1


Vladimir is a city in the North-East of Russia; it is also the capital of the Vladimir region. One of the most popular destinations in Russia, Vladimir is the main industrial center of Central Russia. The population of Vladimir is about 352,600, the area – 124 sq. km.

Located on the left bank of the Klyazma River, Vladimir is famous for its marvelous ancient churches and cathedrals. This Russian city has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are the Golden Gates, the Assumption and St. Demetrius Cathedrals. One of them has a special meaning for all the city inhabitants, as it gained a status of an unofficial symbol of Vladimir city. The point at issue is about the Golden Gates, preserved ancient Russian city gate, constructed by 1164 and referred to the history of the Mongol Invasion in Russia.  The major sight on Russia’s Golden Ring, Vladimir is worth visiting place when it comes to Russia.


Suzdal is a small town in Vladimir region, about 210 km north-east of Moscow.

Golden Ring. Part 1. Landscape and natural surroundings of the town of Suzdal
landscape and natural surroundings of the town of Suzdal

Soviet-style streets will immediately arrest your attention. Even the main street of the city, Lenina Street, is named after Lenin, the leader of Bolshevist revolution. Suzdal retains a lot of historical constructions and rustic wooden houses with unhasting lifestyle and calm atmosphere.

One the most interesting destinations of the Golden Ring cities, Suzdal  allows nobody to stay indifferent.


The capital of Russia, the heart of the country and it’s political and financial center. It is all about Moscow, the most popular destination in Russia for all the tourists. A truly historical, global city, Moscow has a great influence on the development of Russia and the world. Still associated with the period of the Soviet era, Moscow has remarkably changed since that time. But the influence of previous life and Soviet time is very visible even now.

Golden Ring. Part 1. View of the Red Square with Vasilevsky descent in Moscow, Russia
View of the Red Square with Vasilevsky descent in Moscow, Russia

Undoubtedly, the main part of Russia’s Golden Ring Tour, Moscow remains the favorite destination for numerous tourists from all over the World. Today, Moscow is a big city town, with the fast pace of life, heavy traffic, modern culture and expanding the population. Moscow is also a home to numerous museums, Soviet-era constructions and heritage sites.

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