Etiquette in Georgia

The etiquette in Georgia is an important cultural issue, that every person who comes to this country should follow. As Georgia has strict standards of etiquette, it’s essential to behave the right way for any foreigner who has come in the country.  It’s not only essential to know the country’s etiquette, but also to understand the importance of the rules for the Georgians.

CG Journeys knows the main rules of behavior in the Georgians, and these knowledge will help you to make better relationships, succeed in business and work, and just gave good and warm relationship with your host family and co-workers.

Etiquette in Georgia. Serving table, traditional dish of georgian cuisine, khachapuri, a soup, a jug of wine

  • Keep your hands above the table when you are eating.
  • Finish everything on your plate.
  • Remember to use “Batono” (Sir) or “Kalbatono” (Madam) when talking to people by their first names. That gives a sense of formality to the conversation.
  • Take a gift of flowers with you, some sweets or chocolates while visiting your host family. It’s also an important tradition when you come to someone’s home.
  • Give an odd number of flowers, as even numbers are given for funerals.
  • Maintain direct eye contact. Direct eye contact means trust.
  • Give small gifts to children
  • Support lively conversation during the meal.
  • Expect second (or third!) helpings
  • Shake hands with everyone when arriving and leaving if you’re a man

Etiquette in Georgia. Travel series: GEORGIA (set no.2) - Collection of an hand drawn vector illustrations. Each drawing comprise three layers of lines, the colored background is isolated. Editable in layers and groups.

  • Put your elbows on the table.
  • Open your gift when you receive it
  • Start your meal before the oldest person at the table
  • Take part in public displays of affection in public
  • Stare at a stranger if you’re a woman
  • Smoke on the street if you are a woman


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