Best Ways to Explore Russia

Traveling in Russia offers a perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful nature, wonderful traditions, and marvelous cultural heritage of the world’s largest country.

There a lot of different ways to discover Russia

You can traverse the 9,288 kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Railway – riding by beautiful Taiga forests and seemingly boundless plains, meadows and fields.

Best Ways to Explore Russia. Travel to Russia

From the window of your train, you will be able to survey the incredible abundance of Russian territory.  You could also move from one city to another by plane, just stopping at principal points of interest along your route.

This variant is less tiresome, but more expensive due to flight costs. Moreover, you would not be able to witness the magnificent landscape of this vast unique country.

Best Ways to Explore Russia. Russian train trip

If you are looking for a shorter trip, you can visit the main cities of Central Russia like Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kazan; or tour Russia’s Golden Ring of ancient cities, where you will be able to scrutinize some of the country’s most exciting attractions such as old churches and wooden homes of Russian nobility from the Tsarist era.

This tour is a favorite among Canadians as it offers excellent prospects to learn about Russian culture and traditions, to taste national dishes, and to meet locals who will describe the rich history of their cities – and tell amazing personal stories from their own families’ past.

Best Ways to Explore Russia

For those travelers seeking an extreme vacation, we suggest trying a more “natural” rustic experience –    plunging into wildly interesting outdoor activities and undertakings. Bring your tents, backpacks, and kayaks; go fishing in streams and lakes, hiking in the hills, and whitewater rafting in mountain rivers.

Take excursions to historical villages and small towns

Explore the amazing Volga River, the alpine region of Altai, the Crimea, or Karelia – where you can try some surfing spots on Lake Ladoga or go out to the island of Gogland in the Gulf of Finland.

Best Ways to Explore Russia. Motor ship at sunset sails on river Volga in Tver, Russia

Don’t forget other tourist areas that are also popular among Russians: faraway Sakhalin and Primorye – catch a couple of waves in the Pacific Ocean; eat giant Kamchatka crab, mounds of red caviar, luscious scallops, and other delicacies from the sea.

Whether you plan to travel throughout the Russian Federation or just visit some specific locations, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the stunning beauty and spiritual ambiance of Baikal in Eastern Siberia.

Whenever you go there – summer or winter – the experience will be remarkably bright, awesome and unforgettable. While there, you can hike the mountains of Olkhon Island, swim in the deepest freshwater lake in the world, and feast on omul  – a delicious whitefish found only in the waters of Lake Baikal.