Armoury Museum. Russia, Moscow

Armoury Museum is one of the oldest museums of Russia. It is famous for its original collection of Tsarist artifacts, Russian and foreign jewelry and armor. The Russian Explorer Tour includes a visit to this spectacular collection of costumes, silver and arms among a vast treasure trove of exhibits.

Armory Museum is the part of the Great Kremlin Palace complex. It was founded during the reign of Vasily III to produce and keep weapons and arms. Afterward, icon frames and jewelry were presented there. It was build up of three royal treasuries. They are the Court Treasury, the Stable Treasury, and the Armory. The last one was a great collection of arms, armor, and various valuable objects. They were assembled from all over the country.

Armoury Museum. Russia, Moscow. Kremlin Armory

Although the Armory Museum was established in the mid-19th century, the last collection of techniques is relatively modern. The current collection was established as recently as 1986, which means that it display relatively modern exhibits. What is important, even plenty of labels is translated in English.

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