Where To Eat in Warsaw

Atelier Amaro

One of the most up-to-date Polish restaurants, Atelier Amaro, is owned by Wojciech Modest Amaro; he is also the chef at the restaurant.

The restaurant is famous not only for its traditional Polish cuisine, but also its modern approach to cooking. We are talking about molecular gastronomy, the recent trend in modern cooking that is extremely popular around the world; however, not every restaurant can impress its visitors with this order of the day.

Where To Eat in Warsaw
Photo: mydestinationwarsaw.com

The restaurant’s slogan speaks for itself: “When nature meets science”. The success of the place is recognized not only by its local and international visitors, but also by the country’s first Michelin star, which attest to the high quality of food preparation.

The reasonable question “why nature?” might be answered as soon as you open the menu of Atelier Amaro and see the content of every course. The use of such ingredients as traditional Polish plants like nettles and beetroot make this place special. You can experience extremely creative dishes here – juniper ice cream and chocolate cake with chestnuts. Note, that children under 14 years of age are not allowed any day.

Website: https://atelieramaro.pl/


Since we mentioned the Michelin star rating, here is the second restaurant that had the honor of gaining this famous award. This happened in March 2016 as a result of truly ultra-modern endowment of its chef, Andrea Camastra, who had developed a very special menu reflecting culinary traditions of Polish cuisine.

Where To Eat in Warsaw
Photo: sensesrestaurant.pl

His exceptional, transcendent experimental approach in preparing dishes raised Polish cuisine to outstanding levels. One of the key features of the restaurant is its three various menus. Its interior design is just splendid, having harmonious combination of colors, structures and tastes.

Website: https://www.sensesrestaurant.pl


AleGoria is a very creative restaurant located in the basement of Dom Dochodowy on Trzech Krzyży. It is not just a restaurant; it is a full culinary experience. The food here is appropriate for all kinds of tourist. The celebrity status of its owner, Gordon Ramsay, will not disappoint you as he offers some outstanding cuisine.

Where To Eat in Warsaw
Photo: alegloria.pl

Meat lovers will find various different dishes to taste; vegetarians will also find exceptional food that corresponds to their tastes. The restaurant is designed with strawberry-themed décor, which make you feel cozy and pleasant. Modern Polish Fusion cuisine of this restaurant is a must-try if you plan to visit this incredible place.

Website: https://www.alegloria.pl

Dawne Smaki

Located on Nowy Świat, this traditional Polish restaurant is famous for national dishes, served in a conventional style. You can taste here the old style meals of Polish cooking, mostly home-made ones. The concept of the restaurant is expressed in its name, Dawne Smak, which translates to “Old Flavour” in English.

Where To Eat in Warsaw
Photo: dawnesmaki.pl

Every dish prepared here is served with enormous respect for traditional cooking customs. So, if you have a desire to try traditional Polish cuisine, there is no better place than Dawnr Smaki. You can reserve ordinary tables as well as VIP rooms. Thursday thru Saturday there are live performances in the restaurant.

Website: https://www.dawnesmaki.pl/