Travel Trends 2017

What is actually happening in the travel market now? And what are the general trends?

1. According to Google, a lot of us now prefer using mobile devices instead of computers for hotel searches, ordering taxis, and so on. The industry is responding to this trend by increasing the number of mobile applications. Even hotels have started creating their own apps that allow guests to book rooms, choose the level of service, reserve the spa, and even schedule wake-up calls.

2. An increasing tendency is the combining of business trips with tourism – so calledbleisure.” The popularity of bleisure travel – when a mini-vacation is added to a business trip – is growing all over the world, especially in the USA and Australia. For many, the line between work life and leisure time continues to get thinner.

Few people associate business trips with lost productivity and inconvenience in performing their duties anymore. Employees now think that corporate travel provides opportunities to expand horizons, to find inspiration, and to promote their career growth. Not surprisingly, some people are willing to work in positions with lower salaries as long as the job involves frequent travel.

3. In an era when the rhythm of life is constantly accelerating, some people try to achieve harmony through travel. Many believe that traveling is a chance for introspection and even a time to make positive changes in their lives. In the future, tourists are expected to favor trips that improve health and help them to find physical and emotional balance.

This desire is especially evident in travelers from India, China, and Thailand. A number of resort hotels and villas are also beginning to offer guests free spa visits and master classes dedicated to healthy lifestyles, as well as the use of amenities and spaces for meditation and spiritual pursuits.

4. The concept of “eco-tourism” can be interpreted in various ways. However, tourists and hotel owners seem to agree on one point – eco-tourism contributes to the protection of the environment.

In the coming year, many travellers plan to choose more eco-friendly options as a life style. This reflects an increasing desire to be in beautiful places without disturbing their ecological balance. Respect for local culture is another trend in travel. Perhaps economic incentives such as tax benefits will soon be introduced for eco-tourism.

5. People are already paying less attention to material things and spending more money on new experiences than they do on shopping. Travelers are now less interested in fashionable establishments. Butlers, concierge services, and luxury toiletries are also no longer in vogue.

6. Travel for many people is not a luxury but a lifestyle. Some travelers have started to think about going beyond our planet and even outside our solar system. A number of us dream about a time when vacations can be spent in far corners of the galaxy or in the depths of the oceans. A few of those dreams are not far from coming true! Perhaps flying into space is too remote to expect anytime soon, but diving into the dark oceanic depths is quite realistic.

In general, the desire to learn – to meet new people and experience other cultures – is the main thing pushing us to travel, and this factor will probably never change. A thirst for adventure will continue to motivate many people; however, we all must reflect on the impacts our trips have on local culture and the environment.