Reasons to Visit St Petersburg This Winter

The city on the Neva is considered to be one of the few in the world with romantic atmosphere reigning in every corner and avenue.

How many hearts in love have found each other in this citadel of culture and greatness?

St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia

Each small street, each house, avenue and park, monument and court yard holds secrets of Russia’s great history.

St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia for a relatively short period, so it hasn’t taken on any pretentiousness and pomposity, remaining a placid pool adequately bearing centuries of history.

St Petersburg in winter.

It doesn’t matter when you arrive in this wonderful city, since each season has its own beauty and charm. You shouldn’t be afraid of having nothing to see in St Petersburg in winter.

The question is not what to see, but what to choose from among a variety of sights and sites.

Winter in St. Petersburg does not detract from its charm; on the contrary, the season has a mass of advantages.

Winter in St. Petersburg

If on a summer trip you can admire the fountains at Petergof or take a ride along the river tram, then winter entertainment will present an absolutely different vision.

To enjoy fine shows in your cultural program, first it is necessary to visit theaters in St. Petersburg.

The numerous museums will also open doors for winter tourists.

Winter in Saint Petersburg. Kazan cathedral in snowstorm at sunset, St Petersburg, Russia

Walking along the embankment and surveying historical sites never fail to impress.

In the evening it is possible to spend time at a skating rink where, even before entering, you immediately feel the atmosphere of childhood frivolity.

In Russia’s northern capital there are many secluded corners where it is possible to sit at a little table to enjoy gentle music, coziness, romanticism – and a cup of real coffee.