5 Reasons to visit Eastern Europe

5 Reasons to Visit Eastern Europe?

1. People

There is a stereotype that Eastern Europeans are reserved and downright unfriendly. And at first sight, they seem cold. But if you know them better, you will understand that it is just a mask hiding very friendly, generous and positive people. Eastern Europeans like foreigners. They are very hospitable and fun-loving. There is a unique tradition to meet guests with all the hospitality and friendliness which has become a part of national character.

2. National food

Eastern European cuisine is healthy, gourmet and tasty. You should try a great variety of soups, salads, meat and fish dishes. The taste and way of cooking depend on a region and country you go. But what unites Eastern European cuisine is its diversity and a huge serving. Don’t forget about the drinks and baking. You should try both alcohol and non-alcohol drinks because you will never find something similar in any country. So, be prepared to taste a lot of new and be a welcome surprise.

5 Reasons to visit Eastern Europe

3. Budget Trip

Eastern Europe is one of the most budget destinations. Especially with the current exchange rate. For Canadians, Eastern European prices are not high at all. Moreover, there are not so many tourists even in high seasons comparing with Western Europe.

4. Rich history

Eastern Europe is a worthy adversary for the other World destinations regarding culture heritage. The area is filled with historical sights. There are so many of them that you should prearrange the most desirable sights for you to visit.

5 Reasons to visit Eastern Europe. Krakow Market Square, Poland
Krakow Market Square, Poland
5. Unique culture

It’s still not so westernized. It differs in so many ways from its Western neighbor. Even the modern culture has a lot of originality. That’s why Eastern Europe is an ideal destination to have a unique and unforgettable trip.