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Belarus: The Promising Tourism Destination

Trace the great changes of the Eastern European panorama from the historical perspective which took place and left an indelible imprint reflected on the Republic of Belarus. You will turn up pleasantly surprised by well-preserved treasures of the world cultural heritage, pure nature, friendly people and exquisite cuisine… Continue reading–>

A History of Matryoshka Doll

Matryoshka nesting dolls are prominent as traditional Russian souvenirs and are popular all over the world. If you visit Russia, this is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about presents you want to bring back home. Matryoshkas are famous Russian dolls that first appeared in 1890. The traditional design was inspired … Continue reading A History of Matryoshka Doll

monte restaurant croatia

Croatia’s First Michelin Star (You’ll Never Guess Where It Is)

Croatia’s first restaurant to receive a Michelin star is far from Dubrovnik’s historic Old Town, Zagreb’s cultural attractions, and Split’s coastal ruins. Monte, awarded a Michelin star this year, is located in Rovinj, a fishing port in the region of Istria, known for seafood, truffles, and wine. With this distinction, the country’s culinary scene continues … Continue reading Croatia’s First Michelin Star (You’ll Never Guess Where It Is)