Tsar’s Gold Train Tour

Tsar’s Gold Train Tour

Beijing (China) • Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia) • Irkutsk • Novosibirsk • Yekaterinburg • Kazan • Moscow

Day 1: Beijing –Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen

Transfer from the airport to the first class hotel. After a brief rest the itinerary starts off with a tour of Beijing. Highlights include Beijing’s most stunning sights: the Temple of Heaven as well as the famous Tiananmen Square. In the evening, enjoy a special dinner with drinks. [D]

Day 2: Great Wall and Peking Duck

The Great Wall of China is the 8th Wonder of the World; this is your chance to experience it up close. On your way there you stop at a pearl farm as well as at the famous Ming Tombs (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Sacred Way, a boulevard lined with carved stone animals. Wrapping up the day is a feast featuring what is surely the world’s best-known Chinese delicacy, Peking Duck, at one of China’s most famous theme restaurants. [B,L,D]

Day 3: Forbidden City and departure for Mongolia

For centuries the doors to the former Emperor’s Palaces have been closed to the public. Today the glorious halls and mysterious temples of the Forbidden City are open for you. In the evening, the rail part of the journey begins from Beijing’s station enroute to Mongolia, a 16-hour trip (Nostalgic Comfort and Bolshoi cars are not available for this one night). Meanwhile, the sight of China’s rural life unfold outside your window: people working in the fields, donkey-drawn carts on dusty roads, and the great steppes of the Gobi desert. [B,L,D]

Day 4: Through the Gobi desert

At noon arrive at the Chinese-Mongolian border and change to your Private Train. Formalities are easily dispatched in the comfort of your compartment. In Erlian you can explore the colorful border market. Afterwards, your Private Train takes you through the vast expanse of the Gobi desert, then through the great green steppes of Mongolia. [B,L,D]

Day 5: Ulan Bator

In the morning arrive in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator. Your luggage can be left on the train while you check into the centrally located standard hotel and then enjoy a tour of the city. See the Choijin Lama temple. At night you will have the unique opportunity to watch traditional Mongolian music performances. (Optional: an overnight stay in a yurt in the beautiful Mongolian Alps instead of a hotel stay can be requested and arranged at the time of booking). [B,L,D]

Day 6: Gandan Monastery and the Mongolian Alps

Visit the Buddhist Gandan Monastery and take an excursion to a mountainous area with stunning rock formations, known as the Mongolian Alps (about 90 minutes east of Ulan Bator). Along the way, an open-air railroad museum puts the Mongolian railway in context. A picnic lunch in a yurt is followed by a demonstration of Mongolian horsemanship and the traditional wrestling match. Try some lamb in milk, a culinary specialty of Mongolia. Or, for the brave of heart, there’s always kumys (fermented mare’s milk), the beer of the nomads. [B,L,D]

Day 7: Ulan Ude

Bid farewell to the Mongolian steppes as the train rolls on through the valley of Selenga, the largest river of Mongolia. In Ulan Ude your train joins the main route of the Trans Siberian Railroad. Stroll through the city streets or join the guided tour of the city. [B,L,D]

Day 8: Lake Baikal

The entire day is dedicated to Lake Baikal. Before noon arrive at the old station of Port Baikal, located directly on the shore. During two long photo stops on the ancient tracks running parallel to the shore you will have the chance to capture the beauty of the lake on film and explore the wonderful scenery. Take a moment to have a dip in the lake or visit a picturesque Baikal village. Enjoy a short boat ride on the lake. If the night is warm, your dinner will be served as a picnic on the shores of the spectacular lake before re-boarding the train. Next stop: Irkutsk. [B,L,D]

Day 9: Irkutsk

In the morning check into a centrally located standard hotel in Irkutsk. You can safely leave your bags on the train. A tour of the city includes the lively market hall, the drama theatre and the newly erected statue of the Tsar. The afternoon features an excursion to an open-air museum displaying Siberian life in the past. Spend the night at your centrally located hotel in Irkutsk. [B,L,D]

Day 10: Across Siberia

After breakfast, the train takes you through the landscapes of Eastern Siberia with its mountains, crystal-clear rivers and verdant slopes. On board the train enjoy interesting lectures about Siberia. Enjoy and evening of Russian hospitality, with caviar and vodka tasting. [B,L,D]

Day 11: Novosibirsk

At noon you pull into Novosibirsk, Siberia’s biggest city, and are greeted in the traditional Russian way: with bread and salt. Your city tour includes views of the mighty Ob River. After dinner, the train continues its ride westward. [B,L,D]

Day 12: Yekaterinburg

In the afternoon the train stops in Yekaterinburg, the capital of the Ural Mountains and the border between Asia and Europe, where you enjoy a short tour of the city center which was just restored in 2009. In the course of the city tour you will see the newly erected Cathedral on the Blood, commemorating the spot where the Romanov family was murdered. From here on your train is in European territory. [B,L,D]

Day 13: Kazan

After breakfast you arrive in Kazan, the old Tartar capital on the banks of the Volga. Plenty of history here: on a guided tour of the Kremlin you will learn about the history of the Tartars, Cossacks, and Russians. The evening offers you one last chance to be pampered in the onboard restaurant. [B,L,D]

Day 14: Moscow

Before noon you arrive in Moscow, Russia’s capital and one of the world’s richest and most dynamic cities. After the long rail journey, your first class hotel offers comfort and convenience. At noon, your first stop is the Kremlin with its glorious cathedrals. You can also check out the interiors of some of the buildings. After dinner you go on a magical evening trip through the city. This special tour includes a stop at Red Square as well as a subway ride with a visit to two beautiful old stations. [B,L,D]

Day 15: Moscow

After a savory breakfast at your hotel enjoy a guided tour of Moscow to see the reconstructed Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Lomonossov University, the New Virgin Monastery, Red Square and  St.Basil’s Cathedral, the notorious former KGB headquarters,  and the White House before your heading to the airport. [B]

  • Arrival and departure transfers
  • 2 or 3 night accommodation in 4-star hotel in Beijing (Capital or similar)
  • 1 night accommodation in 3-star hotel in Ulan Bator (Kempinsky or similar)
  • 1 night accommodation in 3-star hotel in Irkutsk (Irkutsk or similar)
  • 1 night accommodation on board of Chinese train
  • 8 night accommodation on board of ZarenGold private train
  • 1 night accommodation in 4-star hotel in Moscow (Marriott Renaissance or similar)
  • 40 meals
  • Traditional Russian welcoming ceremony with bread and salt;
  • Lectures on local culture, history and everyday life
  • More than 20 excursions and performances included as well as all entrance fees (max 12 pass in group for Cat IV & V, max 24 pass in other categories)
  • Luggage service at all train stations.

Choose from 5 different cabin types, according to your personal requirements, and dine in beautiful restaurant cars. Enjoy fine cuisine and drinks. The restaurant car also serves as a bar, so before and after meals you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with your fellow travellers.
Between Moscow and the Chinese-Mongolian border in Erlian, your Private Train offers seven different compartment categories ranging from the budget (category I) with shared facilities, to the best possible comfort available on the Trans-Siberian, with private facilities  (category V).
No matter which compartment type you choose, all of them are about twice as large as typical European sleeping car compartments.

Tsar’s Gold Train Tour